jhbuild fails


When trying to build gir from the jhbuild on the wiki it fails with the
following error:
/home/jhs/gnome-shell/install/bin/g-ir-scanner -v --namespace
ClutterJson --nsversion=0.8 \
	    --add-include-path=. --add-include-path=. \
             --include=GObject-2.0 \
	     --library=clutter-glx-0.8 \
             --pkg gobject-2.0 \
             --pkg clutter-glx-0.8 \
             --output ClutterJson-0.8.gir \
	     -I`pkg-config --variable=includedir clutter-glx-0.8` \
             `pkg-config --variable=includedir
 38 nodes; 2 objects, 0 interfaces, 0 enums
Type resolution; pass=0
make[2]: *** [ClutterJson-0.8.gir] Segmentation fault

Sorry, that the first mail to this list is not very useful but it's
difficult to start hacking before you can even build and I didn't find a
bugtracker for gir.


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