Re: Upgrading my video card

On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 11:47 -0700, Luke Redbeard wrote:
> I recently upgraded from an 8 Mb PCI video card to a 128 Mb PCI video 
> card.  I won't talk about the trouble I had getting it installed under 
> Windows, but it was a hassle!  Under FC 5, kudzu saw I had a PCI card 
> just like before and went right on.  However, gnome doesn't "know" about 
Would you please attach /etc/X11/xorg.conf file,
and lspci output.

> the increased video memory.  How do I reconfigure gnome?
You dont have to ;)

Ritesh Khadgaray
LinuX N Stuff
Ph: +919822394463
Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway.

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