Re: Hair pulling

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 07:33, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 09:44, Stephen Kuhn wrote:
> > In my haste to upgrade to 2.6, I've somehow broken my doggone GTK themes
> > - and after re-installing 1.2.10 and 2.2.0, still, nothing.
> > 
> > Any hints? I've tried going through bugzilla, but nothings
> > straight-forward - overly complex and untidy...
> > 
> More details would help - how did you upgrade (build from source, Fedora
> packages... ?), what OS version are you using, any error messages, where
> do you have the themes installed, what does "broken" mean
> specifically... etc. ;-)
> Havoc

I've locate the "build list" and am starting from scratch; one site in
Germany that's quite awfully good, and the other buried on the Gnome
site; awful lot to download and build - and I remember when Gnome was
small enough to d/l in a day...hmmm...

BTW, it's MDK 9.1+ customised, and I'm snagging all the latest sources.
And to think that all I really wanted was to see "the new Nautilus".

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