How to change a default WM for Gnome in RH 9.0?


Although I spent an hour or so, looking through RH (9.0) docs CD, I could not find the info on how to disable the Metacity WM, and enable Sawfish.

The end result is that I have to use KDE instead of Gnome.

I find Metacity "politically" unacceptable. Reminds me of M$, where the attitude is: "You the user might think that you know what is good for you, but you are rally an idiot, and we (the M$) know what's best for you. Therefore we will not allow you to set up the foculs policy as you want it, because we just know that the click to foucus is the best!"

BTW: I do know that Metacity does allow focus follows mouse, but makes it *unusable* by not allowing the user to disable raising of the window when the client area is clicked.

So, I need help: how to disable Metacity, and make Sawfish the default WM?

-- Hrvoje

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