Re: Call for Pootle 2.8.0 translations update

Em Qua 20 jul. 2016, às 11:44, Leandro Regueiro escreveu:
Hi everybody,
you are listed as a previous Pootle translator. We want to let you
know that we are approaching the final Pootle 2.8.0 release which
comes with a lot of changes regarding translatable strings. We are
still not in string freeze, but only a few small changes are expected
from now.

We would really like to include the translation for your language in
the upcoming Pootle 2.8.0 release, but only a bunch of languages have
enough translation percentage to get included.

So please go to and
update the translation for your language as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance

Dear Leandro Regueiro,

I'm sorry but I can't translate Pootle anymore. I'm CC'ing other pt_BR
translators so that with a little luck someone will step in.


Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle

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