Re: [Bug 748991] Error to publish on Facebook

What a good news! (Yorba seems to ignore the issue :/)

* to the gnome-pt_br-list gnome org (that I've copied): please route this email to the devs


Em 09/10/2015 05:11, "shotwell" <bugzilla gnome org> escreveu:

Comment # 20 on bug 748991 from Mardy
Hi all! I tried to get in touch with Yorba about the facebook key, but so far I
didn't get a reply from them.
So I went on and created another Facebook key for Shotwell, and we'll be using
that key in Ubuntu (by applying a distro patch to Shotwell). Any other linux
distribution is welcome to use the same key: 1612018629063184

Also, if someone with commit access to the Shotwell git repository could use
this key instead of the old one (by changing line 60 of
plugins/shotwell-publishing/FacebookPublishing.vala), that would be very

Currently the key is registered under my personal Facebook account. I'd be
happy  transfer the ownership of the key to a group of people trusted by Yorba
or by the GNOME community.

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