Fwd: [virtaal] Support for configuring "Plural-Forms" (#3212)

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From: Rafael Ferreira <notifications github com>
Date: 2015-04-23 16:25 GMT-03:00
Subject: Re: [virtaal] Support for configuring "Plural-Forms" (#3212)
To: translate/virtaal <virtaal noreply github com>
Cc: Felipe Braga <fbobraga gmail com>

After a extensive search, I found that the error is in the repository 'translate', more specifically in translate/lang/data.py, which wrongly defines plural-form:
'pt_BR': (u'Portuguese (Brazil)', 2, '(n != 1)'),

It can be seen in https://github.com/translate/translate/blob/master/translate/lang/data.py

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