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Olá pessoal,

Tem este também! 96% concluído!

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From: The Gnac Team <bdupasqu src gnome org>
Date: 2012/2/12
Subject: Gnac 0.2.4 - Last call for translators
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The release of Gnac 0.2.4 was originally planned for today, but as a
few translations are still not up to date, we have decided to delay
the release until Saturday 18. Should you need more time, we may
consider doing the release on Monday 27. Please do get in touch with
us if this is the case.

Thank you very much to all of you who have already updated the translation!

The translations which still need to be updated are

96% translated:
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Danish (da), Galician (ga), Italian
(it), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Swedish (sv), Turkish (tr)

Chinese (China) (zh_CN) (83%)
Telugu (te) (29%)
Norwegian Bokmal (nb) (27%)
Hebrew (he) (8%)

New translations are also always welcome.

Although the user guide is still at an early stage of development, it
would be good if it could be translated as well. So far, only Czech,
Danish, German, Romanian, Spanish, Slovenian and Telugu (68%) are
available. Any contribution towards the improvement of the user guide
for future releases is also more than welcome!

Translation status page:

Gnac project page:

Thanks for the good work!


The Gnac Team

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