Re: A few more questions:

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 12:08:26PM +0530, Mohit Kumar wrote:
> 1.Will options inside the PPD file be presented to the user via the
> libgnomeprintui dialog?

Some of them are currently available (eg duplex/binding, paper size)
other more printer specific options are pending some development
targeted at gnome 2.12.

> 2. Will the application PS be modified by the libgnomeprintui
> subsystem to include options that the user selected? OR would it be
> done by the CUPS pstops filter (if we got CUPS configured on the
> system)?

It depends how you are generating the application PS.
libgnomeprint includes a pseudo PS interface that generates PS/PDF
... depending on the backend.  If you use this then the options will
be merged in.  If you want to send raw PS to cups then you'll need

> 3. I was just curious what should one use if one's application has to
> run also on say KDE or when the current desktop is nothing, say just a
> window manager?

There is nothing that precludes libgnomeprint from running under
kde.  It's only depends are very light, glib and libxml.  Both are
commonly available.

libgnomeprintui will also work, but will pull in more gnome-ish
libraries (the gtk+ stack).  This is not impossibly large, there is
no libgnome or libbonobo.

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