libgnomeprint and filters


I've updated my patch (proposed the first time 3 years ago) that adds
filters to libgnomeprint: 
- (modifications)
- (new files)

For example, applying the filter

GnomePrintFilterDraft translate_x=200 translate_y=100 scale=10 rotate=60
text="Confidential" opacity=0.2

to a print job will print the word "Confidential" across each page.
Another example: 

GnomePrintFilterZoom zoom=0.5 [
 { GnomePrintFilterSelect                           first=2 skip=3 }
 { GnomePrintFilterSelect transform=1,0,0,1,0,420           skip=3 }
 { GnomePrintFilterSelect transform=1,0,0,1,296,420 first=1 skip=3 }
 { GnomePrintFilterSelect transform=1,0,0,1,296,0   first=3 skip=3 } ] !
GnomePrintFilterSelect collect=true first=0 skip=3

This filter will print 4 pages onto 1 page. There are many uses for
filters: Print only black/white, add a letterhead or logo, enlarge 1
page onto 16 (-> poster for people that don't have A0 printers like me),
print only even pages...

For testing, run "tests/test-filter 3". You'll get a
file illustrating the first example above. Or run it with the
parameter 1 (-> only even pages). Or run "tests/test-filter
GnomePrintFilterZoom zoom=0.5".

I am convinced that filters will be really useful. Any comments? I'd
like to get this into CVS in order to be able to provide additional
features in the GUI like printing only even/odd pages or reordering
pages automatically for a folded leaflet.

Thank you for any feedback.

Lutz Müller <lutz users sourceforge net>

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