Re: Page selection in GnomePrintDialog

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005 20:30:00 +0200, "Lutz Müller"
<lutz users sourceforge net> said:
> Hello!
> I've written a small widget called GnomePrintPageSelection. Screenshot,
> source code and patch (to hook it up) attached.
> This widget offers advanced page selection to all applications using
> libgnomeprintui and not calling one of the
> gnome_print_dialog_construct_range_* functions.
> The old-style page selection will appear if the application calls one of
> the gnome_print_dialog_construct_range_* functions.
> Any comments?

mm. That seems kinda similar to
The main thing blocking decent implementation of ranges in gnome print
was simply
fixing broken api. This seems like a good point to do this ;)

One question I have with pulling libgnomeprint into gtk is: where are we
going to 
implement the kind of printer management functionality that gpa is
currently used 
for? (though obviously, killing gpa==win...)

Rob Taylor

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