Can i paint a PS file to gnome canvas???

Sorry for such a question, me being a newbie, was evaluating the use
of Gnome Canvas for my application.

I have a application, which produces a PS file as its output. Is there
anyway I can display this file to the user using gnome canvas, for
some thing like "Print Preview".

I am aware that libgnomeprintui does that but it expects me to use its
own apis for PS conversion which I dont want to.

Is there any way this can be achieved?

Any kind of help would be appreciated - either a link or sample code
or anything else.....

Moreover, if this is not the way, is there any way else I can create a
print preview? How would GhostView be showing a PS file for

Just a few questions on my mind.

Could not think of any better mailing list to ask to, so sorry if this
is not the correct place to ask.


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