Re: 2.8

Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 10:51:59PM +0100, Ghee Teo wrote:
Also, what about printman?

Let it wither on the vine ?

   I think gnome-cups-manager has really been designed with 
libgnomecups, is that that making gnome-cups-manager to work well better 
than getting printman going?

I'm having trouble parsing that question.  Is the issue how
gnome-cups-manager will handle backend's other than cups ?
    No.  What I meant was than since gnome-cups-manager and libgnomecups were
designed/implemented at the same time, they works better than trying to retrofit printman :)

The other thing I have been thinking about also:
- gnome-cups-manager  provides a printers view GUI that do two things together:
   o Print Queues Administration
   o Print Jobs Management

Whereas printman only provides
  o Print Jobs management (apart from it can set default printer, list of printers of interest)

    One might argue that gnome-cups-manager is bad in providing the 2 functionalities
at one but it can be argued the other way.


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