Print dialogue


I have a question and a suggestion

I am running gnome 2.4.1 on a freebsd 4.9 box using lpr/lpd and
ghostscript to print.  Printing goes to a windows XP lpd print server
and to a redhat 9 / cups lpd print server.

Both these print servers require the '-l' option to be provided to the
lpr command.  This instruction asks windows not to perform any
formatting on the print job.  The cups implementation of lpd appears
incomplete or non compliant and will print blank pages without the '-l'

The problem is that at each print job (using gnomeprint) I have to
select custom from the location drop down box and enter 'lpr -l'.  From
the printer tab, the settings drop down has a disabled 'add new
settings' option and a disabled 'configure' button.

To print to the non default lpr printer (configured in the printcap
file) I have to enter the printer name in the location dropdown by
selecting custom, just as above

Is there a way of adding different configurations for the different
printers available to my system?  Maybe a config file some where.

It's a good idea to present a uniform print dialogue and a number of
applications use this tool, an improvement might be to allow the user to
close the print preview pane without closing the print dialogue (closing
the print dialogue means losing all the entered page orentations,
margins, and selected printer configuration)


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