Last line get cut

This was also posted this to the ximian evolution list.

When printing mail from Evolution, the last line gets cut in half
horizontally), as is the first line on the next page. I don't think this
has to do with cups, because it happens in the preview as well. I have
no idea how this happens, my best guess is that is has something to do
with the page size (I use A4), and the conversion from text to ps. I set
the default media to A4 in /etc/enscript.cfg (it was set to letter) but
that didn't help.

If anyone has a solution I would like to know how to fix it using config
files, not just the GUI, as I need to change it on several hosts (and so
that I can easily restore any changes). This is on Fedora Core 1, and
all boxes running Gnome.


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