Re: [Evolution] printing to Postscript level 1 printer ?

> My problem : this NeWSprint software only accept PS level 1. A bunch of
> my linux apps (eg Gimp or acrobat) can be configured to generate PS
> level 1, but evolution only emits PS level 2. My only option so far was
> to print to PDF, then launch acrobat, then print to PS level 1, then
> send to printer. Obviously not the optimal solution.
> Can evolution be configured to generate PS1 ? Or is there a way to make
> this global in gnome settings ?

I'd think you should be able to, but I'm not really sure how...

If you can't make gnome-print behave, another possibility would be to
use ghostscript on the Sun box to convert the level 2 PostScript to
level 1 before passing it off to NeWSprint.

-- Dan

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