cups integration

Hi guys:
sorry if this is a FAQ - but I couldn't find the answer....

I am using GNOME 2.2.0 (as packaged by Mandrake 9.1), with cups - and it
shows the list of printers  from cupsd (finally!). However: 

 1.  gnome-print uses its own paper sizes, not the ones obtained from
cups (cups has a larger list). Is it intentional?

 2.  there is "Settings" field, and "configure" button next to it - but
it is grayed out.  Probably because I am not root, so I can't configure
the printer. Is this right? Or did I configure something wrong? And are
there any plans to allow user-specific configurations (or maybe even
job-specific) - so that any user can choose paper type and resolution
for himself? qtcups allows that, and so does KDE print dialog... 

Any help will be appreciated!

PS. There doesn't seem to be any user help for gnome-print dialog - and
it might be useful, now that the dialog has some non-obvious options
(such as page layout: folded). I could write an online help - if someone
is interested. 

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