Re: Status of Gnome Print

> What were your thoughts on integrating with Pango?

What you said here:

> I think nearly all printing should be based on PangoLayout, since that
> does the character shaping and bidirectional layout that is essential to
> handle Unicode. So one idea would be to have functions to render an
> entire PangoLayout or one PangoLayoutLine from a layout.

> The main problem may be figuring out how to restrict applications so
> they only use fonts we can print. And to modify the font selector
> widget so it only shows these fonts.

They get their pango context from gnome-print, not pango. This pango
context only has the fonts that we can print with.

> Owen mentioned something about having a postscript backend for Pango.
> Maybe that would be like the other backends but only providing printable
> fonts, and possibly using different device units, i.e. points.
> (We could pass the corresponding PangoContext to the font selector
> widget.) But then we may have to subclass each of the backends to
> provide printable versions.

It would be good to know what owen has to say about this. I wasn't aware
of any plans in this direction.


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