Re: GPdf uses gnome-print

Martin Kretzschmar <m_kretzschmar gmx net> writes:

> > The feature is still there. The problem i think that since we are not
> > providing the fonts ourselves we can't have them reliable. After the
> > fontmap is loaded this aliases are generated. Might be buggy, but the
> > code is there. gp_fontmap_add_aliases function inside gnome-fontmap.c
> These aliases are not configurable. Maybe this is good. But the only
> hardwired aliases are serif, sans, mono. Would you accept a patch for
> Times, Helvetica, Courier, Symbol and Zapf Dingbats (the font families
> available with any PostScript printer and PDF viewer)?

Please note that you *cannot* display the names Times, Helvetica, or
Zapf Dingbats in a font selection dialog or dropdown unless these
fonts (not clones) are actually on the system, since these names are

It is acceptable to do font substitution with a similar font if 
a document requests one of these fonts. (And fontconfig can
be configured to do this.)


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