Re: [gnome-print] [Fwd: Bugs in gnome-print 0.35 found/corrected]

Thanks for your comments William. 

> From: William B Price <>
> To:
> Subject: Bugs in gnome-print 0.35 found/corrected
> Date: 29 Apr 2002 19:56:55 -0400
> I've been using Gnumeric, which uses gnome-print-0.35 on my system 
> (freetype lib 2.0.9).  I was experiencing several font display and 
> printing related bugs which I did not see in Bugzilla yet, but I have 
> corrected them in the code.  

You can enter a gnome-print bug at this URL:

You'll need to have a bugzilla account, which you might already have.

>I've never done any work on Open source 
> before and am unsure how to send these bug fixes back to you.  Should I 

It is easy. You need to send us a "patch" (a.k.a a "diff"), depending
how you get the code (from cvs or from tarball) you would generate a
patch with diff in the different way. Check the diff command, basicaly
you have a clean copy in one dir and the modified copy in the other one
and you do : 

diff -r -u5 someproject-0.1.2.original/ someproject-0.1.2/ > someproject_that_fixes_this_bugs.patch

[-r for recursive
-u5 for the unified format with 5 lines of content
the unmodified source tree
the modified soutree]

see the output of "cat someporject_that_fixes_this.patch"

we can then take that file and apply it to the "main" source.

If you are using cvs, you can do:
cvs diff -u5 > somefile.patch

> report them in Bugzilla first and then try to get CVS access?  Could I 

Report in bugzilla, attach a patch if you have a fix for it. CVS access
is given after you work more with a project and the maintainer wants you
to directly modify the "main" code, as a starting point you have to
submit your code to the maintainer of the project.

> just send a patch file to you?  I think the fixes to these bugs make the 
> postscript font downloading work better and that these changes would be 
> helpful to the general public.  That is why I am contacting you.

We'd love to have this fixes.

> FYI, here is a brief list of what I have corrected:

Great! so you've corrected this bugs. Please send us (to the mailing
list) a patch or attach them to a bugzilla bug. It is a good idea to
split patches so that they are easier to process. If you can split your
fixes in fixes in different sections of the code it might be better.

You are going to be asked to provide a ChangeLog entry for every file
that you've modified. See the ChangeLog files inside gnome-print to get
an idea about what they contain. This is a way that we can keep track of
how the project was changed, when and by who. (In emacs you can do :
Meta-x add-changelog-entry while inside the C code and it will create a
template for you)

A lot of the problems you encountered have to do with Fonts. Fonts is
one of the weakest area of the stable branch of gnome-print and we are
planning of redesigning that part in the near future for the 2.0
platform. With xft2, there are no reasons to keep our own fontmap.

I'm looking forward to looking at the patches. If you want to submit the
bugs in bugzilla it will help us track the status of them.


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