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I've been using Gnumeric, which uses gnome-print-0.35 on my system 
(freetype lib 2.0.9).  I was experiencing several font display and 
printing related bugs which I did not see in Bugzilla yet, but I have 
corrected them in the code.  I've never done any work on Open source 
before and am unsure how to send these bug fixes back to you.  Should I 
report them in Bugzilla first and then try to get CVS access?  Could I 
just send a patch file to you?  I think the fixes to these bugs make the 
postscript font downloading work better and that these changes would be 
helpful to the general public.  That is why I am contacting you.

FYI, here is a brief list of what I have corrected:

1.  Installer failed to install some of my commercial Adobe fonts 
because it could not parse the AFM file.  Problem was that AFM parser 
didn't recognize StdHW and StdVW.  I did not add these to the data 
structure, but did modify the parser to safely skip these keywords.

Remaining bugs apply to generic Postscript output:

2.  Non-lingual fonts (like Symbol type 1 and Webdings truetype) did not 
display the right characters on the page when printed to postscript 
(often they did not display anything).  Fixed by modifying code to use 
CMAP Adobe Fontspecific, Microsoft symbol or Apple Roman character sets 
when a font is not a Unicode font (although fontspecific overrides 
Unicode if both present).  This fixed the problem.

3.  When downloading a PFA file, a core dump occurs.  This only required 
1 line code change to fix.

4.  Minor bug that caused warning messages about missing glyphs when the 
code already had checked and knew they were missing.  No real functional 

5.  Wasn't locating condensed/compressed fonts when getting X display 
name for a font.  Problem was hard coded "normal" in the width portion 
of the XLFD.

6.  Now recognizes weight "book" as being synonymous with "medium" and 
"semibold" as "demibold".

7.  Many of my Microsoft truetype fonts (Arial, Times New Roman) were 
getting converted/downloaded as Type 1.  Problem turned out to be that 
these fonts have a LOCA table that is not in assending order by GLYF 
offset.  Sorting the offsets and then embedding the GLYF table corrected 
the problem.

-- Bill Price

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