Re: [Gnome-print] no one cares about non Latin1 users?

Hello to all!

Sorry for all confusion, that has been happened with recent gnome-print
Gnome-print switched over to freetype2 from custom outdated font parsing
and rendering engine. For my disappointment, it turned out, that there 
was freetype bug, that excluded some iso-8859-2 glyphs from type1 
unicode maps. So this is probably the real cause of given problem - and
the only way to fix that is probably to upgrade freetype2 to version 
2.0.5. IMHO downgrading gnome-print font engine does not make sense.

While it is true, that current released versions use afm/pfb mixes, 
where there can be different sets of glyphs, AFAIK freetype uses
only pfb glyphmaps, and refers to afm only for things like kerning
- so it should not cause given problem.
Recent CVS version should do more meaningful aliasing, i.e. use
identical pfb/afm combination and provide only metadata (font name...).

As of font installing, I think it should be quite easy now. Have you

gnome-font-install --smart ADD_DIRECTORIES_IF_YOU_WANT

It scans predefined set of standard font directories, plus you can
add your own. This works starting from version 0.32

Best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

On Thu, 2001-11-22 at 20:30, Olaf Frączyk wrote:
> On 2001.11.22 16:59:43 +0100 Valek Filippov wrote:
> > Hej Olaf!
> > 
> > > Forgot all.
> > what do you mean?
> It should be: 'forget'.
> So forget my previous mail, as it was fonts configuration problem, not the 
> library itself.
> > > The redhat (and ximian)installation script of gnome-print doesn't do
> > good
> > > job.
> > > So, I got it working with my fonts.
> > Yes, It's so. gnome-font-install is stupid bastard.
> > Lauris and Chema said that they fixed it in 0.32, but I still don't check
> > it.
> > Some russian guy is developing python script for fonts maintaince in
> > gnome-print,
> > but atm I prefer manual font addition.
> > 
> Yes, I finished in manually addition also.
> I needed Courier and Helvetica.
> My problems were, because of installed some adobe afms (pcrb8a.afm etc.) 
> which don't have glyphs for Latin2 fonts.
> Normally in ghostscript these fonts are aliased to Nimbus fonts. And they 
> have all glyphs I need.
> So I had to do gnome-font-install on ghostscript fonts only, and then 
> manually add entries for Courier and Helvetice (I found no other way).
> Terrible :(
> It would be nice to have a tool which looks into ghostscript's fontmap, 
> and produces gnome-print.fontmap including aliased fonts.
> I can't understand why gnome-print has so sophisticated config file.
> The ghostscripts config file is much easier to edit.
> Regards,
> Olaf
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