[Gnome-print] Second draft of new encoding routines

OK, after a long delay, I've put together a new release of
gnome-print-filter, formerly just filter.  It can be downloaded from:


This release fixes the two fundamental problems with my old "filter"
library --- a reasonably unique prefix, and full integration with
gnome-print.  All files are now put into libgnomeprint, and have names
that start with "gnome-print-filter-"; functions and data structures
which are visible globally have names that start with
"gnome_print_filter_".  The test suite has been integrated into
gnome-print's structure.

The patch and new files are distributed as a tarfile; download it,
untar it inside the gnome-print directory, and read the directions in
README.filters.  README.filters is also available from the Web page.

The new files are distributed as a tarfile instead of as part of a
patch because some of the test cases for the filter's testing suite
are binary or empty files, which "diff -u --new-file" doesn't seem to
deal with properly.

These patches are against a pull of gnome-1-4-branch from July 16, a
couple hours ago.


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