Re: [gnome-print] Gnome2 printing, font subsetting and CJK fonts

Some comments and questions interposed:

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 05:32:16PM +0200, Lauris Kaplinski wrote:
> The font subsetting is mixed. For stable (gnome-1-4-branch)
> versions, this is done for large TTF fonts (that cannot be
> embedded entirely in PS job due to too long tables). Such are
> all CJK TTF/TTC fonts, plus several Microsoft multilingual
> fonts. Small TTF-s and all Type1 fonts are embedded a a whole.
> Subsetting is done by a little adjusted code from ttf2pt1,
> i.e. the generated stream is Type1, that AFAIK includes at least
> some hinting with glyphs.

Any interest in embedding TTF fonts as type 42 or type 2 CID for
printers with the TT rasteriser? Any work on embedding CID-Keyed fonts?
I would like to offer to help if you think it's a "Good Thing" for gnome-print.

> Technically gnome-print target is larger than PostScript,
> but for bitmap and screen based formats things are easier
> to do - just letting freetype to do actual rendering and
> compose bitmap images into buffer.

What is the target list? 
For raster targets like HP PCL I presume you convert all fonts to 
bitmaps before sending to the printer?

Thanks and great work!
Richard Chan <>
DSO National Laboratories
20 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118230
Tel: 7727045
Fax: 7766476

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