[Gnome-print] Re: Cell formatting error on print, latest Helix Gnumeric

Hi Lauris,

> > In general, if I'm seeing discrepancies between the print preview screen
> > and actual marks on paper, should I assume that the problem is with
> > gnome-print?
> Yes, it is.
> Gnome-print is designed to be device-independent (and gnumeric AFAIK
> cannot know, whether it is printing to preview or to printer). So if
> there are differences, those are most probably coming from yet
> unimplemented gnome-print features.
> Anyways, if seeing dissonance, drop a notice to gnome-print list.

Thanks for the explanation.  I will now bug gnome-print about the
observed dissonance.  :^)

To repeat: I am using the latest Helix GNOME (gnumeric-0.58-0_helix_1,
gnome-print-0.25-0_helix_1).  My printer is an HP 820cse, and I have
ghostscript-6.01 and pnm2ppa-1.0 installed.

I have a Gnumeric spreadsheet which uses heavy borders in many cells,
landscape orientation.  Gnumeric print preview shows this correctly.
However, when I print, the leftmost cell borders for column A that
have borders print with thin lines instead of heavy.

I have attached the spreadsheet that demonstrates this problem.




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