[Gnome-print] Gnome-print & PPD's copyrights (for HP printers)

This is a "WE NEED YOUR HELP" message which I am hoping will
fall in the right ears.

With the new gnome-print, we are planning to distribute some
printer definition files which contain Postscript code that
is copyrighted by printer manufacturers. This code was extracted
from public available PPD files.

I don't want to ship with gnome-print this files, before
we get authorization from HP to do so. I think that we 
have enought "testing material" with HP printers for now,
which is why I am focusing on HP Postscript printers only.
[Althou I don't mind adding support for other PS printers
provided that we get authorization from the printer manuf.
to distribute this files]

I would like to get autorization from HP to distribute
this files. Any help/contacts/pointers/solutions would
be apreciated.

Thank you,
Chema Celorio

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