[Gnome-print] libgpa & libprintsys.

Hello Mark:

I finaly hooked libgpa & gnome-print-admin with gnome-print. The
code is in the CVS now. [you need to pass the --with-admin flag
to gnome-print for now to enable libgpa support].

Right now, there is a field in gnome-print-admin called "command",
in this field the user can set the printing command like "lpr" and

I think the code is ready to merge with your support for spoolers
I would not focus on printer importing from the printcap
file at this time (this is just me). I would focus on beeing able
to configure the printcap (or whatever file for the spooler beeing
used) from gnome-print-admin. 

Let me know what you think, and let me know if there is anything
you want me to help you out with.


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