[Gnome-print] Omni driver color enhancements

The open source Omni driver for Linux has been updated to include
substantial enhancements in the quality of the color output.  These
enhancements generate near photo quality output at reasonable speed on
capable devices.  The initial set of devices supported are the Stylus 860,
760, 660, & 1160.   More specifically, we have added support for printers
which have the ability to vary the output pel dot size and support for 1440
resolutions.  This work includes modified dithering algorithms,  multiple
bit per plane support, color conversion changes, new color corrections, and
new data output algorithms.

Now available on:

Additionally we have modified the device descriptions to be XML based and
simplified the directory structure.   These changes require that you delete
the your existing Omni directory prior to installation and building. Also,
to build the Omni driver you must download the xerces XML parser from
http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/index.html  and unpack it (tar -xvzf
xerces-c1_3_0-linux.tar.gz) into the Omni/xml4c3_1_0-linux/ directory.

To run the Omni driver you will need to change your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the
new directory structure. Run "./Omni/setit".    Additional instructions are
in the readme.1st.

We are continuing to work on 6 color devices, top and end of page
processing,  white space processing, additional device support, and
performance enhancements.

Mark VanderWiele
IBM, Linux Technology Center
email: markv@us.ibm.com

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