Re: [Gnome-print] Re: making gnome-print gnome independent


Sorry for not answering. Your mail was standing in my need-answer queue,
that was growing longer and longer...

It depends, how much gnome-independence you want.
Currently it can be run without X running (just by doing gtk_type_init ()
instead of gtk_init() in your main program) - but it needs X libraries to
exist in system (as Gtk+ needs those)
Before Glib 2.0/GObject we cannot separate base functionality from Gtk+
dependency, so the requirement of installed X libraries remains present.
After Glib 2.0 we probably split Engine/GUI, so engine will depend only on:
I am currently not sure whether it will have bonobo/ORBit dependency or do
we implement that via separate set of libraries/daemons. Probably it
will, because the first parts printing pipeline will be implemented via
CORBA. The engine part will be only capable of exporting certain set
of image formats (PS, PDF, bitmap).

But tell us more about your requirements. The library is meant for
application writers, so we have to adjust it to their needs (not vice
versa ;)


> > the gnome-db project is working on a report engine, whose base
> > functionality should 
> > be independent from gnome(-libs).
> > 
> > As the project is in need of a printing capabilities, i`d like to ask
> > how you`d
> > rate the possibility/efforts necesary to seperate the basic gnome-print
> > printing functionality 
> > from gnome (libs, etc.) dependence.
> > 
> > thanks for any info, Karl.
> > 
> does the lack of answers to this question mean that you (gnome-print people)
> won't consider at all the possibility of having the basic print stuff
> independent of X?
> Of course we're not talking about the print preview or config dialogs, but about
> the basic printing stuff.

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