Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print (fwd)

> > So?  IPP is just a transport.
> That's what you were proposing with your CORBA "solution".

Dude, when I proposed that I was replying to some nonsense in the
list.  I am trying to find a productive way of working.

I am not trying to prove a point but reply to your constant flood of
complaints that miss the point in more than one way.

We are either not communicating, or you are trying to blur things on

I see nothing wrong with the way GnomePrint works right now.

> Printer management, drivers, color management, font management, etc.
> belong in the server that handles queuing, filtering, etc. of jobs.
> CUPS provides all of that AND IPP support, so all your GNOME-print
> API would need to do is communicate with the print server (which in
> many cases will be running locally) to get printer information, send
> print jobs, etc.

Dude, if you had read a bit on GnomePrint, you would know that
GnomePrint is not trying to be a spooling system, and if we can use an
existing spooling system all the better.

We provide:

	1. An imaging API for applications.
	2. Drivers (Postscript, Metafile, PrintPreview and various
	   raster drivers).

Dont like raster driver?  Force user to use your favorite file format
and move on with life.  Be happy.

Dont like us providing an imaging API for applications?  Well, too bad


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