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Yesterday, I wrote an additional section

- How to convert strings to UTF-8

I think you should see this...

Thank you.

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000 19:36:39 +0900
Yukihiro Nakai <> wrote:

> Now I write a document that we can share and start discussion from.
> Contents are:
> Quick Guide of the Multibytes for the GTK+/GNOME Developers
> - What is the multibyte and wide characters?
> - Fontset introduction
> - How to support the fontset in X
> - How to support the fontset in GTK+
> - How to support the fontset in GNOME
> - How to set up the multibyte testing environment.
> - Trableshooting for the multibyte environment.
> - How to display the Japanese strings for test.
> - How to input multibyte in GTK+/GNOME widgets.
> - How to support XIM in your new widget.
> - How to use VFlib with GTK+/GNOME for the beautiful glyphs.
> - How to use FreeType with GTK+/GNOME for the beautiful glyphs.
> - How to test the Japanese PostScript.
> - Other important issues in multibyte world.
> - Multibyte functions in GTK/GDK
> - Multibyte functions in glibc/ISO C Standard
> - Books and URLs
> How about it?

- How to convert strings to UTF-8
  The below function str2utf8() converts strings in the
  currently selected codeset into UTF-8 strings.
  To know what codeset is used in the current locale, use
  nl_langinfo(CODESET). There is also iconv command and you
  can see the all codesets with 'iconv --list'.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <langinfo.h>
#include <iconv.h>
#include <string.h>

gchar* jptext = "ܸtest"; /* This is the test strings. */

gchar* str2utf8(gchar* fromstr) {
  iconv_t fd;
  gchar* codeset;
  gchar* fromstr_p;
  gchar* tostr;
  gchar* tostr_p;
  size_t ret_size;
  size_t fromsize;
  size_t tosize;

  if( fromstr == NULL || *fromstr == '\0' ) return NULL;

  fromstr_p = fromstr;
  fromsize = strlen(fromstr);
  tosize = fromsize * 3; /* size*2 is not enough */
  tostr_p = tostr = g_malloc0(sizeof(gchar)*tosize);

  codeset = nl_langinfo(CODESET);
  if (codeset == NULL) 
    codeset = g_strdup("ANSI_X3.4-1968"); /* C locale codeset */
  fprintf(stderr, "%s to UTF8\n", codeset);
  fd = iconv_open("UTF-8", codeset);
  ret_size = iconv(fd, &fromstr_p, &fromsize, &tostr_p, &tosize);
  return tostr;

int main() {
  setlocale(LC_ALL, "ja_JP.eucJP");
  printf("%s\n", str2utf8(jptext));
  return 0;

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