Re: press opportunity, need feedback please

Hi Sean,

I am interested in talking to you about this. We can do it via email or IRC/phone. I'm free most of today, if we want to pick a time when everyone interested can attend.


On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 8:12 AM, Sean Daly <sdaly sugarlabs org> wrote:
Greetings Paul, Zonker, & Stormy. I haven't had the pleasure of
meeting you, but Walter Bender has told me a couple of times about
conversations with Stormy in particular. I'm subscribed to the Gnome
marketing list, where I try to follow what's going on. (I even
considered travelling to either Saragossa or Accra, I am based not too
far away in Paris, but I couldn't arrange the time away

I've been briefed by OLPC concerning an announcement which will be
made this Monday, May 17th. I consider it likely that this
announcement will generate wide press coverage, particularly in South

I have wanted to do a media launch of the OLPC XO-1.5 laptop for the
past couple of months and travelled to Boston recently to advance on
that, however OLPC's announcement will make such a launch less
newsworthy. That said, doing this launch the same day will likely have
a multiplier effect.

The announcement itself is confidential, but I would be happy to
discuss it with you if you can assure me it won't leak. I need to
avoid problems on the OLPC side, it has taken some work to gain their

I understand you may have planned PR for the opening day of the IDLELO
4 conference. If this is far along, you may wish to add a couple of
lines concerning OLPC. If it's not, I propose we consider doing a
joint press release datelined Accra.

I use eReleases, they are a PRNewswire partner and do great work very
cheap for nonprofits. I have 500+ tech and education journalists in
the Sugar Labs press list I maintain.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. Thanks.

Sugar Labs Marketing Coordinator

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