Re: Press release for OSUOSL give6 campaing

El mar, 13-04-2010 a las 11:19 -0600, Stormy Peters escribió:
> What's the as-is? We can also do a post on the Foundation blog or a
> Planet GNOME blog instead.

I mean the text I proposed first. A blog post sounds like a good idea.

Original text:
> For the last 6 years our good friends at Oregon State University Open
> Source Lab have been doing an incredible job of providing mirroring
> services for many big Free Software and Open Source projects.
> Right now the OSL is looking for funding, and they are just asking for
> $6, one per each year they have been online.
> GNOME already signed up with $60. Every user of this fantastic mirror
> and
> hosting service is encouraged to donate. Give them 6!

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