September Press Team Tasks

Hello press team!

September is shaping up to be a busy month, and now is a great time to get started.

Some of the things we've talked about previously, mostly on the marketing list, that we're hoping to get done include:

* Press Release for Software Freedom Day (We didn't do this last year, and it's probably a good opportunity to highlight GNOME's role in free software as a desktop, including translations, accessibility, etc)

* GNOME 2.28 Release

We need to create a press kit, including the press release, talking points for interviewees, and find some GNOME community members to volunteer to be interviewees for any press interviews that may take place.   Additionally, we should probably have a list of press contacts we would want to reach out to regarding the 2.28 release.  (The Sysadmin team is currently working with the Marketing team to roll out a CRM system to help with this in the future).

Anyone have any interest in helping out with the above items?  We've got a few weeks until 2.28 comes out, and all help is appreciated!



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