[gpm] Dimming on AC?

Hi all,

I'm observing a behaviour here which bothers me, but I wanted to check
whether that's intended behaviour before I report a bug.

All this is on Gnome 3.1.92 on Ubuntu.

When I enable "Dim screen to save power" in g-c-c, the system does
exactly that: after a timeout, it dims the screen, and undims it as soon
as there is activity. However, it does that not only on battery, but
also on AC.

I find the screen dimming a mainly annoying thing, because when I read
something for more than 10 seconds without moving the mouse, the screen
dims while I'm reading. I do enable anyhow it to get longer battery
runtimes, but ideally for me, the screen would not dim when I'm on AC.



Alexander Hunziker <alex hunziker rega-sense ch>

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