Re: [gpm] gnome-keyring Lock keyring on suspend

On 07/19/2010 03:48 AM, Yaron Sheffer wrote:
> Richard suggested back then that this should be in the UI. I have
> another proposal: make this flag on-by-default, but have the logic (now
> at
> depend on this flag, /as well as/ the combination of the power manager
> setting /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/suspend and when applicable, the
> screen saver setting/apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_enabled.

Sounds good to me. But Richard will have to weigh in on this.

To reiterate:

It is the goal of the gnome-keyring project to be 'locked' while the
screen saver is active. And then become unlocked when the screensaver
password is typed. This 'locked' mode discards secrets and keys from
memory. There may be bits of this that are not implemented yet.

Obviously it's more complex than that, because some users don't log into
their computers with passwords. However such users very likely have
lower expectations of their computer's security.

Documenting this and choosing good defaults is a worthwhile effort.



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