Re: [gpm] battery charging profile ala Thinkpad Thinkvantage software

This does provide exactly what I need:

You can set the lower limit to drop to before starting charge and set an upper limit so that the battery does not charge all the way.

ThinkWiki suggests 40% and 85% as limits but I usually charge upto 95% on my T60.

Unfortunately, the Thinkpad Edge is not supported :(

I installed tp_smapi from the source in the Ubuntu 10.04 repos and used the module asistant to install it but none of the sys devices can read the addresses.  According to tp_smapi only standard thinkpads are currently supported.

I wonder if you can accomplish this with home made scripts using the 'standard' proc and sys interfaces?  I have not looked into this.

Thanks for the tip anyway!

By the way, ThinkWiki refers to a package called gnome-hdasp-applet which can be used in conjunction with the hdaspd daemon which is a Thinkpad specific tool to monitor the accelerometer in the laptop to determine when a shock occurs and when to park the heads of the disc drive (Active Protection System in Thinkpad speek).

This package does not exist in the repos and I wondered if it has been merged into the power manager applet?


On 14 April 2010 10:27, Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote:
On 13 April 2010 08:56, Andrew Henry <adhenry 9 gmail com> wrote:
> Is this supported via gnome-power-manager?  If so, how do you set the
> control?  I cannot see any options in the GUI but maybe it can be controlled
> via the terminal?

There is no upstream kernel support for this. There is a out-of-tree
module that does some of what you describe, see for details.


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