[gpm] Bring back cpu frequency scaling options, heres why:

It is a surprise to see cpu frequency scaling options completely taken off gnome-power-manager for 2.24 release. I think this is a rash and uncalled for decision.

My previous setup, gnome-power-manager 2.22 worked fine using the policy_ac and policy_battery settings in gconf to change from "performance" to "ondemand" when my laptop is on battery. Obviously, since the removal of this code in 2.24, that no longer works, and now I am forced to use various ugly acpi.sh hacking scripts etc to get the same effect- a solution far less elegant than that which came with gnome-power-manager 2.22.

I understand the ideas laid out in http://www.advogato.org/person/mjg59/diary.html?start=123 which seems to be the rationale for removing the code. But its funny how it mentions that the scaling governor that should be used is "ondemand", meaning that there is still much purpose for reducing the cpu frequency as long as its done during idle. Therefore, I propose that instead of removing the option completely, restrict the options for policy_ac and policy_battery to "performance" and "ondemand" governors only. This is far better than removing functionality which would naturally be expected of a "power manager".

As a final note, for those that are updating to the latest version of gnome, they may be unaware that such an important feature has been removed. Maybe you should mention it on gnome's 2.24 page.

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