[gpm] Release of 2.13.5

Seeing as there's been so much good new stuff, and *lots* of bugfixes,
I've done a release today.

I'm going to release again soon, with the version 2.13.90 ready for Beta
1 on the 30th.

The week of testing (i.e. just bugfixes) should shake out the big bugs
ready for 2.13.90, and make sure everyone is "aware" that g-p-m is ready
for the GNOME release schedule. :-)

Plus I get to follow the shiny new release sheet and check it all goes

Files are in the usual place,

Thanks for everyone for reporting bugs, fixing bugs, adding new stuff
and updating translations, it's appreciated.



News file appended:

Released January 25, 2006


 - Bump version to a more suitable GNOME release version.
 - Remove the website source from CVS as already in gnomeweb. #328280
 - Flattern the gconf schema so that we don't have lots of subfolders
   for very few keys. #327894

Power Manager

 - Lots of smaller bugfixes such as #327471, #327799
 - Only notify the user of low battery on the 20, 10, 5, and 2 minute
 - Add CanSuspend and CanHibernate DBUS methods
 - Make tooltip more concise. #327443
 - If icon not embedded don't do notifications. #327799
 - Manager now changes brightness, not g-p-p. #327895
 - Set the correct lcd brightness on startup.
 - Fix the bug where g-p-m crashes after emitting a signal
 - Added .desktop file for gnome-session's autostart mechanism.
 - All time now internally stored as seconds. #328289
 - Show the tray menu for any button press. #327959.
 - Only do critical action for primary battery. #328228, #328228
 - Don't do lots of notifications on startup if battery is very low.

Power Preferences

 - Make the combo boxes in options expand so that we don't get different
 - Remove time estimates for low and critical battery since this is
   and system dependent.
 - Brightness now dealt with as a percentage, so gconf portable. #327895
 - Now called "Power Management Preferences". #328397


 - Ankit Patel (Gujarati)
 - Clytie Siddall (Vietnamese)
 - Ilkka Tuohela (Finnish)
 - Kjartan Maraas (Norwegian bokm�
 - Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (Galician)
 - Tino Meinen (Netherlands)
 - Francisco Javier F. Serrador (Spanish)
 - Funda Wang (Simplified Chinese)
 - Slobodan D. Sredojevic (Serbian)

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