[gpm] g_signal_emit and fexceptions, help!

Some of you have run into this *intermittently*:


i.e. where you get:

** (gnome-power-manager:8821): DEBUG: Emitting battery-added signal
for: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/foo_bar

and then a crash from g-p-m --verbose --no-daemon

I've managed to reproduce this (finally...), appending the gcc flag 


Compiling without this option does not give the crash. I'm not sure if
this is a glib problem, a g-p-m problem, or a gcc problem.

It's gone undetected for so long as a ./configure && make doesn't use
-fexceptions by default, but a rpm build (and probably deb too) does.

Anyone got any ideas, as fixing this is worth a beer.


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