Re: Future of gnome-pilot?

Hi Gerhard,

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 21:10 +0200, Gerhard wrote:
> Hi!
> Maybe it's a stupid question: is gnome-pilot still under development or
> is it "dead"? 
> Because there are a lot of Palms (Treo, Centro,...) with PalmOS 5.x. And
> it's not possible to sync all contact information with evolution via
> gnome-pilot (birthday, anniversary, photo, ...) 

It's not a stupid question.  gnome-pilot development is not dead - the
most recent release was in January and included support for Bluetooth
syncing.  Since then there have been a few bug fixes that have not yet
been released.

The Evolution conduits are actually part of the Evolution project (in
principle, any project can choose to build a gnome-pilot conduit via the
plugin architecture).  These conduits have been worked on within the
past year.  The most recent changes were to add decent category support
to the datebook, todo and memos conduits.  This work has primarily been
done by Nathan Owens and Tom Billiet, as far as I know.

The two items highest on my list for the Evo conduits are:
     1. Addressbook fields tend to get messed up when syncing.  I find
        that phone numbers and email addresses, for example, tend to end
        up duplicated across multiple fields (Other, Home, Business...
        for example).
     2. Support for photos, birthdays, anniversaries for OS5 Contacts

I do not have much time to spend on these items, but am likely to start
looking at them if volunteers don't turn up soon!


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