Re: gnome-pilot doesn't work on openSUSE 11 (jpilot, pilot-link both work)

On 14/08/08 15:52, z w wrote:

After many days search on google and tries, I'm about to conclude that gnome-pilot is not operational on openSUSE 11.
What version of HAL does openSUSE 11 use?  I had the same symptoms on my Gentoo system. It turns out that HAL 0.5.11 removed the interface that gnome-pilot uses to detect palm devices.  The problem has been fixed already in CVS, if you are comfortable building packages from source.  Otherwise you might want to raise a bug against openSUSE to patch their gnome-pilot package.

FYI, this is the gentoo bug report I raised:

I don't know if anyone has plans for a 2.0.17 release, but it might be worthwhile doing soon before all the other distros run into this problem.


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