Re: Blank records in Evolution 2.8.2

On Sun, 2007-05-27 at 07:49 -0600, A. Christopher Earle wrote:
> Hi all, I've finally migrated my last Windows machine to Linux and am
> having trouble getting my palm records into Evolution 2.8.2. For the
> moment, I'm only doing one conduit at a time, and am starting with the
> most critical data, the contact database. 
> I've installed gnome-pilot and configured the conduit to copy the
> records from the Palm. Everything appears to be working, and Evolution
> has the right number of records. BUT, they are all
> data....
> Any ideas? I'm sort of stumped on this one, I've done web searches
> looking for other people who have had similar issues and have come up
> with nothing....

That's pretty strange.  I haven't heard of this issue before.  I'm
currently running 2.8.3 and doubt there's much difference from 2.8.2.

Try the following:
1. stop gnome-pilot (remove the applet, killall gpilotd).
2. clear all contacts from Evolution (if you need to, you can backup
   your evo contacts first by 'save addressbook as vcard')
3. Start gpilotd from a terminal window (usually lives in
   /usr/libexec/gpilotd or /usr/bin/gpilotd).
4. Configure the addressbook conduit to do 'copy from PDA'.
5. Now try and sync.

Does that help?  If not, is there any indication of trouble in the
gpilotd terminal output?  It should show some information about the data
being transferred.

If you still have problems, I suggest you raise a bug at and attach your terminal output there.  That way we
can track the issue properly.  If you are opening a bug, please include
information on what distribution you are using and what
gnome-pilot/pilot-link/evolution/evolution-data-server packages you are



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