Re: 2.0.15 ebuild help

> Both gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-conduits installed  and it seems that
> all dialog boxes in
> gpilot applet work, but it won't connect to the palm...  with ver
> 2.0.13-r1 it was connecting OK with either dev/pilot or dev/tts/USB0
> ... J-pilot connects ok and syncs with /dev/pilot.

There are several reasons why gpilotd might fail to connect,
but it isn't easy to figure out from the info above.
It's usually worth firing up gpilotd and gpilotd-control-applet
from the command line (kill any running gpilotd first) so that
you can see any error messages.

Is it possible that you have some files left over from the old
gnome-pilot install?  If you have different installation directories
you could have a gpilotd linked against pilot-link 0.11.8 and a
gpilotd-control-applet linked against 0.12.1.  That wouldn't
be good.  Just a thought.

Does gpilotd-control-applet report any errors at the terminal
window?  What about gpilotd?  Does gpilotd react to the attempt
to sync?


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