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Well, I ran into some kind of a disappointment.  I just was trying to
sync the birthday field, but I noticed evolution can't handle the
birthday field well. It only stores 2 digits, which makes it
impossible to store a birthday from eg 1950, as evolution will
interpret it as 2050.  And as the birthday was actually the main
reason I started trying to sync the contactsDb, I don't know if I will
continue this project directly...
There is already a bugreport:


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From: Tom Billiet
Time: 27-01-07 12:33
> Hi,
> I've been looking for an easy way to support birthday sync with
> evolution, but it seems somewhat tricky.  You have to use the contactDb
> instead of the addressDb, and so it requires a lot of changes to the
> addressconduit, as the structure of both databases in pilot-link isn't
> the same.
> For now I just made a testing conduit more as a proof-of-concept and a
> way for me to see what's possible and what needs to be done. I have this
> modification of the addressconduit attached.
> It's a rather heavy modification, and it's actually not usable at all
> for the moment. It only syncs the name, title, company and all the
> addresses (which is not possible in the old addressDb) as an experiment.
> I actually don't know how it's the best way to implement this further,
> and that's why I'm asking for your help :-)
> My current vision is to implement it like this (and that's how I've
> started, but it can easily be changed): Implement it as a separate
> conduit and name it contact-conduits that lives next to
> address-conduit.  This for the following reasons:
> - It requires a massive amount of changes, and this way the
> addressconduit is guaranteed to stay working.
> - As palm os 3 and 4 do not have the condactDb, we still have to support
> the addressDb, and implementing both in 1 conduit will make it rather
> tricky to implement it clean and to maintain.
> - The implementation of gnome-pilot requires the conduit to give the
> database id upon initialization. This id is different for the contact
> and address Db, so I *think* (I might be wrong) it is not possible to
> make it in 1 conduit and let the user in the preferences select if he
> wants to use contactDb or AddressDb
> Disadvantage: It's rather confusing for the user having 2 conduits which
> appear to do the same thing.
> Let me know you opinions, and hopefully I can find enough time to
> complete this project.
> I've my current work attached. please note this is for
> testing/demonstration only, it's not usable as most of the fields are
> still ignored.
> Tom
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