Re: can't sync with Tungsten T2

> I've just recently installed Ubuntu 7.04 from a downloaded CD image.
> I'm running on an IBM A31 laptop.
> Gnome-Pilot-Applet is 2.0.15
> I've been unable to sync my Palm Tungsten T2 via the USB port. It just
> freezes completely and requires a soft reset to come back to life (even
> the light that indicates that its charging stays on!).

Have you downloaded all available updates for your Ubuntu installation?
There are several bugs this could be, including:

As suggested, you can run gpilotd in a terminal to get more
information about where it crashes.  My guess is that it is
crashing in the Evolution calendar conduit.  If you're not
sure, try disabling all the conduits and see if you can sync.
If that works, try re-enabling them one at a time to narrow
it down.


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