[PATCH] network-sync patch updated for pilot-link 0.12.0pre4/5

I'm making available some patched RPMs, and the accompanying patch,
for enabling network sync with the most recent pilot-link packages.

This has been tested by me to work with USB/serial/network syncing using
a palmV and an Sony Clie, and independently has been verified to work
for a bluetooth connected device configured for network sync.  It is
likely that there are bugs waiting to be discovered -- all feedback

I've only packaged the gnome-pilot RPM;  I recommend the use of Mark
Adams patched packages for gnome-pilot-conduits and evolution.  Please
note that you will have to manually copy the .conduit files that those
packages install in /usr/lib/gnome-pilot/conduits into the correct
location (as recognised by gnome-pilot CVS...),

The tarball should compile against pilot-link 0.11.8 or 0.12.0pre4/5.

I'm aware of one issue with the most recent pilot-link packages (fedora
and maybe others?).  Try configuring a timeout of zero, but if that
doesn't help, try using the pilot-link package from Mark Adams.

The netsync patch is available from:


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