Re: Cannot make USB sync connection to Tungsten E2

> When using gnome-pilot, I use the following Cradle settings:
>  Name: Cradle
>  Port: /dev/ttyUSB1
>  Speed: 57600
>  Timeout: 2
>  Type: USB
> and select "Yes I've used sync software before..."

That all looks okay (you're right to check ttyUSB0 too,
as I'm not certain which one your device uses).  One thing
you should try is increasing the timeout to 100.  There's
a bug in pilot-link 0.11.8 that causes the timeout to
be interpreted in milliseconds at one point, instead
of seconds.

> Is there anything I am doing wrong? Is there some way to get more
> debugging information to find out how to fix the problem?

Yes, you can start /usr/libexec/gpilotd in a terminal window
before starting the configuration gui.  The output from that
may tell us something.

Also, we should verify that your copy of devices.xml (probably
in /usr/share/gnome-pilot/devices.xml) contains an entry for
your device.  To check this, do 'cat /proc/bus/usb/devices'
while you are attempting a sync, and find the vendor and product
ID for your device.  From the information you've given, I don't
think this should be the problem.

> I am using gnome-pilot 2.0.12-1.1ubuntu4, libpisock8 0.11.8-10ubuntu1,
> libpisync0 0.11.8-10ubuntu1 on Ubuntu Hoary with Linux 2.6.10-6-686.

That should be an ideal setup.


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