Re: Sync of Palm T2 to Evolution on Ubuntu 6.10 hangs

> Hi
> I am trying to sync a Palm T2 to Evolution running on Ubuntu 6.10 with 
> all updates installed. gpilotd (I assume) successfully creates the 
> /dev/pilot device and the sync has completed a couple of times. Almost 
> always though, it appears to hang.

At what point in the sync does it hang?  You can usually tell
from the applet window, but you'll get more information if you
run gpilotd from a terminal.

The question is whether the sync has started and you're getting
a crash from, say, one of the conduits, or whether you're not
managing to connect in the first place.

The latter problem is more common.  See ubuntu bug 66355 for a recent
discussion.  In this comment:
there is a link to some unofficial packages that fix a few problems
(it's based on fixes that then got released as gnome-pilot 2.0.15).

The other thing you can try is to configure 'libusb' syncing.  See
for a guide to configuring libusb sync.  When you have that working
you can select the 'usb:' device instead of the ttyUSBx devices.

Good luck,


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