Re: [Evolution] Palm syncing

Thanks for your reply Nathan.

Version numbers:
gnome-pilot version 2.0.10
pilot-link 0.11.8
evolution 2.6

output from gpilotd:
** Message: Pilot name -> RoolsPilot
** Message: Pilot id   -> 1000
** Message: Pilot username -> Rools
** Message: Pilot creation/rom = 1061809021/86061056
** Message: Cradle Type -> USB
** Message: cradle device name -> Cradle
** Message: cradle device name -> /dev/tts/USB1
** Message: Pilot Speed  -> 57600
** Message: Timeout -> 2
gpilotd-Message: Activating object OAFIID:GNOME_Pilot_Daemon
** Message: pilot = RoolsPilot

It seems that the timeout is extremely low if you recommend 100.
How do it change it?


On 8/15/06, Nathan Owens <pianocomp81 yahoo com> wrote:
--- Cornelis Swanepoel <rools ster gmail com> wrote:

> It seems that the mailing-list archives are unsearchable at present so
> perhaps this problem has been encoutered before.
> I have recently done a hard reset on my palm pilot (Tungsten E) and now
> evolution is unable to hotsync.
> It gets stuck at the initial "Identifying User" phase after which I can't
> even "pilot-xfer --list" without rebooting the machine.
> I've used the "synchronising options" menu item in evolution to reset the
> user and id on the device and also tried to set it back to the previous
> user/id.
> I am able to hotsync using jPilot and can see user/id changes reflected.
> I've also deleted my pilot basedir and removed any files with names that
> include palm/pilot in my .evolution dir.
> Still nothing.
> Thanks in advance.
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This isn't an Evolution problem, but a gnome-pilot problem.

That being said, can you tell us the following so we can help you better?
- Distribution
- Version of gnome-pilot
- Version of pilot-link (pilot-xfer and other programs)
- Version of evolution (though I don't think that really matters at this point)

Also, can you run gpilotd in a console and show the output?

One common problem: if Timeout is set too low, then pi_bind() fails, and therefore you could get
stuck in the Identifying User stage. Setting the Timeout to 100 seems to work for many people
(this is a known bug).

I'm currently using a Tungsten E have been able to get gnome-pilot to sync with it reliably using
gp 2.0.13 and pilot-link 0.11.8.


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